Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pretty pointelle pyjamas

So, I was rather taken with this pretty thermal-pointelle-type fabric (that's the, ahem, technical term, obviously) printed with tiny flowers that came in my little bundle of goodness....

....and because madam went to bed tonight without playing silly buggers, meaning that I had a whole peaceful evening to myself, I thought I would make a quick pair of pyjamas. I also have my eye on this tutorial for a nightie made of the same fabric, which looks pretty similar in design to the peasant blouse I made from this tutorial at indietutes, but that will have to wait for now.

I used an existing pair of pyjamas as a template, and had to adjust a little along the way as the fabric was veeeerry stretchy and my original pattern would have been miles too big, but save for a few cock-ups along the way, such as cleverly forgetting to readjust the tension and stitch length between gathering the sleeves and sewing them on, and then wondering why the blighters were practically falling off, it all went pretty smoothly. It wasn't until I got as far as the final hem of the top that I cottoned on to the idea that zig-zagging was the best way to stop the hems from looking all stretched out and wobbly (I know, I know, more technical terms; I do apologise). Hence the elasticated legs to disguise this wobbly stretched out-ness prior to this epiphany, but I think they were rather a happy accident. They look a bit like little bloomers.

I'll try and get the small girl to model them in the morning, and add them to my list of things to turn into tutorials. Ah, promises, promises.... x

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