Saturday, March 20, 2010

Don't fear the placket.

I have been mooning over Anna Maria Horner's beautiful children's prints for a while now, and when I found this very well-priced bundle of half-yards of her stunning flannels on Etsy I couldn't quite believe my luck.

This little top is the first thing I have made for the small girl from my little stash of gorgeousness, and I am feeling really quite pleased with myself

It's got a freakin' placket! And, you know what? Plackets: not as scary as you might think. I used this tutorial, and I'm really really glad to have conquered one more of those great big scary sewing hurdles. It opens up a whole world of possibilities....

There's only one minor glitch. Hardly worth mentioning, really. It's just that, well, I'm not actually sure it's going to fit its intended. I think it might be too tight across the chest. I'll have to wait and see in the morning, but if it doesn't fit her then I think it would make a sweet little dress for a smaller girl, so I'm sure it'll find a home one way or another. But, god, I'll be pissed off if I end up having to give away my first placket (which seems incidentally to be one of those words that loses all meaning once you've repeated it a few times).

Update: It fits! Just barely. If only I weren't such a complete numpty. But still, plackets are conquered and that's not a thing to sniff at...


  1. I love this! Did you use a pattern aside from the placket tutorial or is your own draft?

  2. Thank you, oh nameless one! I made it up as I went along, which is more than likely why it doesn't really fit. It's just wearable for her, but I think it's a bit of a waste for her to keep it when it doesn't look that brilliant. I'll find it a home, and then I'll make another and try to make a tutorial for it. It was actually pretty simple, the work of a few hours, which is pretty good going for a prototype.

  3. I can't sew to save my life, this looks fantastic. And Jake (who's sitting on my lap), likes it too. He just pointed at your photo of the top and said, "Ooooh, naiiiicce!"

  4. WHOA that is fantastic. Kudos for the placket ability too - will def be checking out that tute - they frighten me.

    Yes, yes, yes to a tutorial for the top!