Monday, March 1, 2010

The archive.

Since I thought the blog would look more interesting with more than one post, I decided to stick up a few of the things I made last year. I did start with proper patterns (well, one proper pattern), but it turns out I am not nearly biddable enough to follow them properly, and far too inclined to decide that I know better then the professional pattern-makers.

This was the first and last thing I used a pattern for. I think it actually still fits her, but the colours have faded loads with all the washing and wearing.

These are some jammies I made for the small girl, with a wrapover top. I was suckered in by the pretty pretty fabric but they ended up a bit too delicate to be practical. You live and learn.

My parents got remarried last summer after 12 years apart, so I made this dress for Ruby so she could be my mum's something blue.

With a bit of trial and error, a few pairs of shop-bought knickers mutilated and dissected for research purposes, and miles upon miles of foldover elastic, I made these knickers (and about 741 other pairs) for myself and for friends. Well, mostly one friend who ended up with a very well-stocked knicker drawer. You know who you are, Miss T. They are comfy, in an 'I really want to wear these every day' sort of way. If I had a nicer bottom I'd show them in action, but I do not. Lucky for you.

There are loads and loads more bits and pieces, most prominently dresses and pyjamas for the small girl, but I'm thinking that since I plan to put up many more pictures of the things yet to be made I'd better avoid overkill at this point, so that's all for now. x

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