About Us

Alright peeps. I'm Kelly, a single mamma with a sewing machine. My little girl is Ruby, a beautiful, strong-willed, challenging, bright, and extremely entertaining threenager. She's ace. I make stuff, mostly for her, sometimes for me, for all sorts of reasons, but mostly because nothing beats seeing her wearing something I know has been made with love especially for her. 

I'd love to hear from anyone who visits so email me at kellyb@rubyinblue.com, comment away or follow me. It's good for the self esteem, y'know, and helps to dispel the worry that I am talking to myself. I'm also on Twitter and Facebook so pop over there and follow me too! I'm pretty new to the blogosphere, so any shout-outs are hugely appreciated. Please ask me before you use any of my pictures or text anywhere else, and be sure to accredit me with a link.  

Thanks for stopping by, have a wander round, tell your friends, and I hope you enjoy my happy little blog. xx