Sunday, June 27, 2010

One day more...

Hello peeps. Just a mini announcement to say that I'm going to extend the giveaway deadline until tomorrow. The extremely valid reason for this is that I have been sunning myself on the beach all day and haven't got round to it, so, yeah, my laziness and lack of commitment are working in your favour once again. If you haven't entered already, get on it.

I'll be back later with some pictures of the quilt I made for my daddy for father's day, but in the meantime, can we all breathe a collective sigh of relief that the ritual shambolic humiliation that is England's contribution to the World Cup is over for another four years? Don't get me wrong, for a change I actually feel quite bad for all the people who really do care about football and harboured a preference as to whether we won or not – good grief, that match was painful to watch, even for me – but really, England, it's just embarrassing. Three cheers for no more vuvuzelas. Hip, Hip...


  1. Do post the quilt. Would love to see it. I hear quilt making can be quite addictive once you start- plenty of blogs seem to indicate this.
    Went to the quilts exhibition at the V&A on Saturday- only runs til next weekend tho.

  2. Svea - have just put some pictures of the quilt up, and I'm DYING to go to the V&A quilt show. How was it? Might have to find an excuse to go up to London this week...

  3. It was very good, tho full of ladies of a certain age. The modern quilts that were interspersed with the old were quite inspirational. It's a tenner on ted entry so perhaps worth prebooking to avoid waiting. I was lucky in that I had Pippa with me as the lady took pity and let me in straight away rather than make me wait 2.5houts!
    They only showed British quilts gho, I was half expecting some American examples, both new and od.
    Oh, but perhaps the best part were the limited edition fabrics in the shop afterwards, some very cute retro patterns. I spent £25 and could have easily spent much more- but I was good!