Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Late night whimsy

So, here I am again. Silly o'clock and no sleep to be had.

But I have made a little something, which is, well, something.

It's uncharacteristically pink for me, and very girly, and yet I kind of love it. I more than love the fabric, with its fanciful print, and I love the red heart buttons that clash a bit, in just the right sort of way. I think I dodged twee by an inch or so.

I'm not sure how much wear this will get, as it really goes with nothing the girl owns, but when I saw the fabric I knew I couldn't not make it. Oh, if only she had some red patent Mary-Janes. How good would that look? Or would that be overkill? Might have to settle for Converse high-tops for now, although I kind of like the incongruence of that too.

Quiet now, brain. Hush.


  1. so cute. and i mean SO cute.
    that's exactly the kind of outfit that kind of makes me hope this wee one is going to be a girl....

  2. Far be it from me to be pedantic - but is your "two year old" banner not now a year out of date ;-)


  3. Thank you for the kind words peeps. Very much appreciated! And top marks to AJ for spotting the deliberate error. Just testing... ;-)

  4. this dress is soooo cute!