Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Welcome to the Factory

It seems that my house has metamorphosed into a production line. These thirty stripy little flags are all part of the Grand Transformation of Ruby's room. They were rapidly – as opposed to beautifully – sewn, but, since I am shortsighted and she won't care, I figured it doesn't matter too much.

The Grand Transformation is more significant than a string of bunting, but you don't get to see the other bits yet. Partly because it would spoil the surprise, but mostly because the small girl is asleep, and I don't think that going into her room, turning on the lights and taking a bunch of pictures would be particularly conducive to that continuing.

Incidentally, sewing diagonal seams on vertically striped fabric is curiously counter-intuitive, like steering into a skid. You really have to overrule your natural instincts.


  1. cant wait to see the whole room/transformation. we have M's room to do in a few months' time.
    btw, the top has arrived and M loves it. many thanks. will send you link of photo when available..

  2. So glad she likes it! Would love to see pics when you get the chance :)

  3. oh, and i see that ikea trip was fruitful then (fabric?). did you get those hooks?