Sunday, April 4, 2010

Things to remember

The smells of coffee, smoke, fried onions and flowers. Chocolate milk and green juice. Frozen yoghurt and chocolate-covered pretzels. Blossom and dust. Bee Liquors, Alphabet Cafe, the Drop Off Service. The woman in the deli across the road who gives Ruby sweets and me credit. 9th Street Espresso and B Cup Cafe. Peanut butter cookies and iced coffee. The ongoing hunt for fresh fruit and vegetables. Third floor with groceries. Bikes chained to railings. The ministry of funny runs. Yellow cabs and traffic lights. Hey, Red. Pigeons on the fire escape. Listening to the neighbours' baby cry. Ruby's plastic storage tub bath. Where the Wild things Are, and The Tiger Who Came to Tea, every day, off by heart. Margaritas and pizza slices. Subway stairs with a stroller. Snow and tears. Have a nice day. Big dogs in tiny apartments. Tiny dogs in jackets and bootees. Street-rescued sewing machines and thrift store t-shirts. Snow boots and flip flips. Umbrella carcasses under bare trees. Blue skies, grey skies, rain and wind and sun. Finding out who you are. Making somewhere your home, and then handing it back. I know where you are, I'll see you around. New York, I love you. x


  1. "Making somewhere your home, and then handing it back."
    I love this and know it well.
    Good luck in the next step of your adventures.

  2. Beautiful memories lady. And looking forward to seeing you back on 'home' turf soon. Travel safe. x

  3. You are truly beautiful girl

  4. How can I be reading this in #8 knowing you aren't across the way? My heart aches! I want to push Ruby in the swing at the park!
    I appreciate your memories as you have shared them above. How could one ever forget the neighbors baby 3am every night? :) Come back soon Kelly and Ruby. We miss you already!!! Always in my heart,